Mastodon’s Absolutely Classic Heavy-Metal Video


As you'd expect, “Divinations” — the first single off Mastodon’s Crack the Skye, the follow-up to 2006’s universally drooled-upon Blood Mountain — is a monster: A banjo intro is almost immediately smashed by the massive, chugging fretwork, the base for a forbidding tale of mythical oppression (“no escaaaaaaaape / binding spiiiiiiirits,” bellows co-frontman Troy Sanders). But right now we’re a little more caught up in the video, a saga of human sacrifice, skull mugs, and one really fucking scary yeti. We’ll leave guitarist Brett Hinds to explain, sort of: “I’m an old cavemen trapped in a block of ice. Explorers find me and they put the flying V [guitar] up to the ice and it melts me. I grab the guitar, do the solo, and then I kill them.” Oh, and then he eats them.