Finally: Mickey Rourke Signs On for Iron Man 2


The last we heard, Oscar runner-up Mickey Rourke had balked at Marvel's lowball offer of $250,000, making his appearance as the bad guy in next year's Iron Man sequel unlikely ("Right now, we're not doing Iron Man 2," he told us in February). But now, Vulture buddy Nikki Finke reports that he's made the deal and is locked in to play a "Russian villain" in next year's sequel. Finke says we shouldn't expect Marvel to confirm until contracts have been signed, but that Rourke is in Russia right now promoting The Wrestler and he'll "start researching his new role immediately," which we can only imagine entails ram-jamming vodka drinks until he rolls his R's. Congratulations, Mickey — you've earned it!

EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Rourke Signs For Russian Villain Role In 'Iron Man 2' [DHD]

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