New Terminator: Salvation Trailer Strikes Fear in Michael Bay’s Heart


Tagline: "If you're listening to this, you are the Resistance."

Translation: If you're watching this, you still can't believe this film was actually directed by McG.

The Verdict: We're still not sure what to make of McG, really. Is he the tool that's fighting his studio to ensure that Terminator: Salvation gets an R-rating so he can give fanboys a momentary glimpse at Moon Bloodgood's (presumably real and spectacular) breasts? Or is he the guy that from the looks of this trailer seems as if he's on the cusp of delivering one of the best franchise reboots since Chris Nolan decided to take on Bruce Wayne? Unfortunately for him, he's probably both. Regardless, this trailer — set to the industrial angst of NIN's "The Day the World Went Away" — is chock-full of the kinds of set pieces that are guaranteed to make Michael Bay seethe with jealousy: huge robots, even huger explosions, and, gasp, realistic-seeming human emotion! The only thing it doesn't have? Christian Bale screaming at Shane Hurlbut. We can only assume they're saving that footage for the DVD.

New Terminator Salvation “This Might Not Suck” Trailer [Buzzfeed]