Nikki Finke Hits Back at Variety


What could possibly have prompted Variety's triple attack on Nikki Finke over the weekend? Finke posted a rebuttal last night, and in it she says that Neil Stiles, president of Variety Group, recently contacted her about buying her blog, but that negotiations eventually fell through. Variety editor Peter Bart wasn't told in advance about the acquisition attempt, says Finke, but when he found out later, he was "pissed." But pissed enough to order Sunday's three hatchet jobs? If so, then that's pretty tacky, and we're glad to see that Finke spared no mercy in Photoshopping his head into a bunch of sour grapes.

SUNDAY SOUR GRAPES? Peter Bart Not Consulted When His RBI/Variety Group Bosses Called Me Recently To Buy DHD [DHD]
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