Not Even Google Genius Can Save the Music Business


Last April, we we were excited when we heard that EMI had hired away Google's chief information officer, Douglas Merrill, to serve as president of digital music. Certainly EMI, like all purveyors of music, was facing an uphill battle — but we figured if anyone could revive the ailing recording industry, it would be a brilliant computer nerd. Wrong as usual! Yesterday, EMI announced that Merrill will leave the company after less than a year. This comes a week after Guy Hands stepped down as CEO of Terra Firma, and the firm wrote off its $3.3 billion investment in EMI, which it purchased in 2007. So if throwing tons of money and a geeky dude with a huge brain at the music business's problems doesn't fix everything, we guess we're all out of ideas.

EMI digital chief out after short stint [HR]
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