Osbournes Reloaded: So Bad It’s Good, or So Bad It’s Bad?


While we're getting kind of geeked to hop onboard the Nostalgia Train this weekend to check out what the Fast & Furious gang has been up to since 2001, we can't say the same fuzzy feelings are washing over us as we prepare to watch Osbournes: Reloaded on Fox tonight. There's no use denying the seismic impact that the first two seasons of The Osbournes had on the pop-culture universe when they aired in those halcyon days that were the early aughts, but over the last four or five years, the appeal of their brand has waned considerably. It's impossible to pinpoint this precipitous falloff to any one single event, but it's fair to say that none of the following things helped: the multiple rehab stops for Jack and Kelly, Ozzy's willingness to exploit his own physical and mental deficiencies to land commercial work, Sharon's ubiquity and annoying drive to become the female Simon Cowell. Oh, and last night's painfully unfunny bit on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon didn't help matters much, either. There's only one question at this point: Can it possibly be as awful as Rosie Live?

Osbournes: Reloaded [Fox]