Joaquin Phoenix’s Fake Brawl Gets a New, Uncensored Release on YouTube


Even though we've already received confirmation that the fake brawl that fake rapper Joaquin Phoenix engaged in with a fake fan was indeed fake, we just stumbled upon a YouTube clip of the incident (via Hollywood Elsewhere) that not only includes the entire song Phoenix performed but is also blessedly bleep-free (and therefore NSFW). And guess what? We're just as surprised as you that the song isn't entirely unlistenable. In fact, we quite like the beat; it's laid-back and has an appealing retro sound. However, Phoenix's vocals leave more than a little to be desired: Pulling a page out of the Ashlee Simpson playbook, his lazy yet also strangely out-of-breath flow sounds as if it's accompanied by a backing track (particularly during the chorus). Even worse are the tired, un-bleeped retorts he uses to combat his (fake) would-be heckler: "I got a million dollars in a fucking bank account, what do you got, bitch?" We suppose that's better than "Na-na-na boo-boo," but not much. The full (and surprisingly well-shot) video lives after the jump.

Phoenix Jumps In [Hollywood Elsewhere]