Johnny Depp Plots His Dillinger Escape Plan in Public Enemies


The Tagline: "I hit any bank I want, anytime. They got to be at every bank, all the time."

The Translation: John Dillinger is no joke.

The Verdict: There's no middle ground when it comes to Michael Mann biopics. Either they're tremendously exhilarating (see: The Insider) or just this side of unwatchable (see: Ali). Fortunately, the trailer for this summer's Public Enemies gravitates more towards the former. The film stars Johnny Depp as famed thirties anti-hero John Dillinger and Christian Bale as the government agent out to stop him. Even though we're getting a slight Johnny Dangerously vibe from Depp, we're willing to look past it, because the action sequences feel just as intimate and visceral as they did in Mann's widely-maligned Miami Vice (a film that both Vulture and David Edelstein found to be visually sensational). Color us geeked.

"Public Enemies" Trailer [The Awards Circuit Blog]