Sadly, the Visionary Director of 300 Too Chicken to Tackle the Unfilmable Archie Saga


"It's difficult. Someone was like, 'What comic book movie are you going to do next?' I'm like yeah, I don't think I'm doing another comic book. What am I going to do, Archie and Jughead? What's the follow up?" —Zack Snyder on not following Watchmen with another comic-book adaptation [Suicide Girls]

"(I wrote it to) punish him, to get him back for hurting me (but the song is) about forgiving, not forgetting. It’s hard to imagine that our love is a story with an end. But you know, at least I’m getting some really good songs out of it." —Miley Cyrus in her forthcoming memoir on writing "7 Things" to punish Nick Jonas [Contact Music]

"Don't sleep with anyone in your band, and always be nice to waitresses and tip them. If people are rude to waitresses, see ya later. You can't be in the band no matter how good you are. You will tip and you will say please and you will say thank you." —Neko Case lays down a few ground rules for being in her band [Spinner]

"I have yet to Twitter. Although I sat next to Jimmy Fallon at the Paul Simon concert at the Beacon last week and he twittered the whole thing. And I was a little envious of his twitterability. And I may soon be twittering." —Rosie O'Donnell on Twittering [TV Guide]

"Oddly enough, I'm famous for my last name and my hair. To have a sketch built around these two things, I stand nonplussed about the whole thing." —Art Garfunkel on the episode and his cameo in Flight of the Conchords [TV Guide]

"I think it was for a beer commercial. And it was Miller Ultra Light; it was a test beer. And it didn't test well." —Paul Rudd on when he first got his SAG card [Vanity Fair]