The City’s Olivia Palermo Wants You to Know She’s Not Cold and Ruthless in Real Life


"I’m a much nicer person, much more laid-back and relaxed, not serious like they show me." —Olivia Palermo on being misrepresented by the devious editors of The City [Show Tracker/LAT]

"It’s like you’re still exercising, but you’re not doing the triathlon every single day, if that makes sense. Could there be a sexier metaphor?" —Neko Case on working with the New Pornographers on her latest album, Middle Cyclone [AV Club]

"I got a lot of love here." —Kylie Minogue on the response to her in Bollywood when she worked with A.R. Rahman [Sydney Morning Herald]

"I'm still learning the chords for 'Born to Run'!" —Steve Van Zandt on being a slow learner [Billboard via Spinner]

"People don't want me to play doctors and stuff. I don't know why. I would quite like to explore that normal-Joe world but I can't stay there for long. It never ends well for me. What is that?" —Lucy Lawless on being too kickass [Sci Fi Wire]