Thanks to In Rainbows, It Doesn’t Matter Which Side of the Bed Justin Timberlake Wakes Up On


"It’s a constant. I enjoy In Rainbows in the morning. You throw it on in the iPod dock and get ready to leave the house and go on about your day. That album seems to put me in a pretty decent mood." —Justin Timberlake hearts Radiohead [Music Mix/EW]

"That tour taught me to go, go, go, go. No set times, no soundchecks, no showers. It doesn’t matter if you have a hit song. ‘Get in line for catering, please.’ No favoritism at all. It was me and 12 other guys in a bus, face to face, all the time, smelling like crap. I felt like GI Jane afterward. Everyone had a bet that I was going to die or have to drop out." —Katy Perry on her first I Kissed a Girl tour [Pop Matters]

"That I did a lot of ecstasy." —Beth Orton on what listening to her 1996 album Trailer Park reminds her [Guardian UK]

“The hardest part about playing Henry has always been the hardest part about playing Henry. It’s not like when I played Elvis or even ‘Match Point’ where I could look in the mirror and I could see the character. I can’t look in the mirror and see Henry. I have to see my own version of Henry." —Jonathan Rhys Meyers on trying to find his inner Henry VIII for The Tudors [Pop Matters]

"I always used to sort of apologetically say, 'Oh, no, that wasn't me, that was a body double.' Because I'm modest, as a person. But now I say 'Thank you. Yes, that was my ass.'" —Virginia Madsen on claiming what is rightfully hers [LAT]

"Just been reading the NME about me doing a catwalk to premiere Pretty Green. No chance." —Liam Gallagher on not being keen on modeling, thank you very much [Twitter via Contact Music]