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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs See Themselves As Neither Pot Nor Kettle

"It just seems like there are too many mopey, whiny indie bands out there now." — Unfortunately, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner is refusing to name names [Guardian UK]

"Drunk in the bottom of the garden, singing for hours and hours and hours 'til everybody left and I was still there singing." —PJ Harvey on the time she first met John Parish [Guardian UK]

“I’m interested in people like that because they are exactly like novelists, who are all egomaniacs. I write about them as cautionary tales for myself.” —T.C. Boyle on why he writes about people like Frank Lloyd Wright, Alfred Kinsey, and John Harvey Kellogg [Times UK]

"I was into 90210 and maybe some Melrose Place, but I was always more of a Saved by the Bell kind of guy." —Pete Wentz on his formative TV-watching diet [MTV]

"I do read scripts and just go 'Ohhhh. I'm bored' so I won't pursue it." —Guy Pearce on knowing when not to get involved [Contact Music]

"If you turn on American TV, there's a huge choice of nothing you want to see and, unfortunately, I think that's the case here now as well." —The Wire's Dominic West on terrible television the world over [Contact Music]

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