Reminder: Tonight’s Dollhouse Will Be Great, Maybe


Yes, we're totally aware that tonight's most nerd-anticipated TV event is the Battlestar Galactica series finale, and that's certainly what we plan on watching live. But don't forget to DVR Dollhouse! Ever since Joss Whedon started promoting the show, he's been hinting that tonight's sixth episode would be a "game changer," almost to the point that it seemed like he was trying to distance himself from the sorta iffy quality of the initial installments. But the sixth one is finally airing tonight — so what's supposed to happen?

We don't know! If there are any real spoilers out there, we haven't found them, and Whedon was maddeningly tight-lipped about plot specifics when he discussed the episode with FearNet yesterday. Press releases have suggested that Eliza Dushku's Echo will finally meet Ballard, the federal agent hunting for the truth behind the Dollhouse, and though that's clearly a big event, we're hoping for something meaty in terms of the show's somewhat vague mythology. The one thing we know for certain is that Patton Oswalt will be guest-starring as a "lonely Internet mogul," which is probably enough to get us to tune in tonight. Don't let us down, Joss!

We Talk with Joss Whedon about This Week's Big Episode of 'Dollhouse'! [FearNet]