Seth MacFarlane Bares His Belly in New Hulu Commercial


We tolerated Alec Baldwin's "Hulu is run by aliens" spot that ran during the Super Bowl because, well, it's Alec Baldwin. However, as we have told you a number of times over the last few months, we have significantly less patience for the man Entertainment Weekly dubbed "the smartest person on television," one Seth MacFarlane. Although we'll admit that there is a certain novelty that comes with hearing the voices of familiar cartoon characters out of their normal context of animation, we're not sure that the following Hulu spot really nails the value proposition of the popular video site. Even worse, near the tail end of the new commercial, we're subjected to shots of Seth MacFarlane's belly. No matter how much you like Peter Griffin, we're pretty sure that we all could've lived healthy, happy, and productive lives having never had that image burned into our brains.

Giggiddy: Seth MacFarlane Joins Hulu’s Alien Plot [TechCrunch]