Subtitle Scandal! Who Dumbed Down Let the Right One In?


Above, on the left, you'll see the subtitles from the original American theatrical release of acclaimed Swedish vampire movie Let the Right One In. On the right, the subtitles for the new DVD, which, needless to say, are way stupider. Blogger Rob G. from Icons of Fright first noticed the difference and has heroically posted screencaps of the most glaring mistranslations. He speculates that Magnolia Home Entertainment — rather than paying the presumably more expensive person responsible for the original subtitles again — tried to save money by hiring a cheaper translator. But until we hear different, we'll simply assume that this was the studio's benevolent attempt to make gruesome, Bergman-esque horror accessible to people with first-grade reading levels.

Let The Wrong Subtitles In To LET THE RIGHT ONE IN?! [Icons of Fright via CHUD]