Have Super Furry Animals Written the Definitive Krautrock Song About Railcars?


As is typically the case for all great Super Furry Animals singles, the Welsh weirdos' glorious new "Inaugural Trams" seems like the result of a mushroom-fueled game of Mad Libs — it's a krautrocking synth number about the unveiling of a new public-railcar system, featuring a guest rap by Franz Ferdinand's Nick McCarthy (in German, obviously), and a sing-along chorus that somehow manges to spin lyrics like "We've reduced emissions by 75 percent" into functional hooks. SFA's ninth album, Dark Days/Light Years, will be released digitally on Monday through the band's website, and the fact that this is the track the band deemed broad enough to be its first single certainly bodes well for more acid-brained pop lunacy.

Download "Inaugural Trams" at the Animals' official site (via Stereogum).