The Pirate Bay Has Added You As a Friend on Facebook


Even though they're currently awaiting a verdict in Sweden on charges of "promoting other people's infringements of copyright laws," BitTorrent tracker the Pirate Bay is adding a hilarious array of new features that would certainly seem to promote other people's infringements of copyright laws!

Last week, the site announced a subscription-based anonymity service designed to hide the IP addresses of file-sharers from content owners and Internet providers. And now, they've added a button on all torrent pages allowing people to share them with friends via their Facebook profiles (the recording industry is apparently upset, and Facebook hasn't yet commented).

Since the international courts have thus far failed to find a legal way to shut down the six-year-old TPB, we have no idea if this sort of thing is actually illegal. But, at the very least, it definitely seems pretty egregious, possibly in a way that might get them enough attention for authorities to finally crack down on file-sharing, thereby ruining it for everybody. Come on, guys — use a little discretion!

Pirate Bay Torrents Spread Via Facebook [TorrentFreak via Idolator]