The Woz Felled by a Foot Fracture After Hoofing It Up on Dancing With the Stars


We'll admit it, we've never really gotten the appeal of Dancing With the Stars. It's not that we don't respect the amount of practice it takes to nail a ballroom-dancing routine, but once you've seen Step Up 2: The Streets, everything else looks like a junior-high Sadie Hawkins dance in comparison (you know it's true). But to ABC's credit, each year they seem to pick at least one contestant who appeals to Vulture's highly refined pop-culture sensibilities. Last time around, that person was the daffy old hoofer Cloris Leachman and now, on this cycle, it's Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Although we were thoroughly mortified when we saw him enter the dance studio wearing black socks paired with shorts, that was nothing when compared with the pink feather boa he sported during his Bachman Turner Overdrive–scored routine on Tuesday night.

And now, in a twist that adds injury to insult, the Woz has apparently suffered a foot fracture that will limit his practice time and force him to wear a removable cast. He'll be able to compete next week, but still, total bummer!

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