Warner Bros. Could Really Capitalize on the Leak of Watchmen’s Opening-Credits Sequence


Despite a mildly successful/mildly disappointing opening weekend for Watchmen, there is one thing that nearly everyone who has seen the film is raving about. No, it's not the size of Dr. Manhattan's "massive and uncircumcised" wang (Vulture readers so far seem to be less than impressed by it), it's the film's bravura opening-credits sequence. Scored to Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'," the sequence sets the stage for the alternate universe that the film takes place in, taking viewers on a trip through some of the most important and iconic moments of American history from the forties through seventies (JFK's assassination, the moon landing, Kent State, etc.) and how these events were influenced by the presence of Watchmen. As much as we loved the trailers for the film, we're pretty sure that this visually striking sequence is the best marketing tool that's available to Warner Bros. at this point; if they decided to officially release and heavily promote this video over the course of this week, you can bet that it would pique the interest of droves of non-fanboy types who avoided the film on its opening weekend. Then again, what do we know?

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