Who Do You Think Deserves Their Own Behind the Music Treatment?


Much like everyone else out there who watched an unhealthy amount of cable television in the late nineties and early aughts, we spent many a lazy Sunday on the couch glued to VH1 and their seemingly endless Behind the Music marathons. It didn't matter how many times we had heard the stories of Ozzy Osbourne snorting lines of ants or Nikki Sixx recounting the myriad times he overdosed and woke up with a needle still in his arm, we kept finding ourselves tuning in. But around the time that Flavor Flav first started wooing hoodrats, VH1 turned their back on the beloved franchise as they shifted their programming focus from music to celebreality. However, thanks to the ratings success of the New Kids on the Block BTM special last year, Video Hits One has decided to revive the long-dormant show and is in the process of producing ten new installments of the series. They have announced that specials on Lil Wayne and Scott Weiland are in the works, but we want to open it up to you, the wise and knowing Vulture commenters, to hear whom you'd like to see get the BTM treatment. Spacehog? Elliott Smith? 10CC? Leave your ideas in the comments!

VH1 reviving 'Behind the Music' [Live Feed/HR]