Will Watchmen’s Mediocre Box Office Have an Effect on Terminator Salvation’s Proposed R Rating?


Heck if we know! Still, it bears asking. While no one seems to be sure whether Watchmen's opening-weekend gross of $55.7 million has earned it "hit movie" status, the wise box-office sage David Poland showed up on G4TV's Attack of the Show program last night and revealed his healthy swath of chest hair went on record stating that Warner Bros. could end up losing upwards of "40 to 50 million bucks" on the film when all is said and done. This bit of speculation does not bear well for the embattled director of Terminator Salvation, one Joseph "McG" McGinty, who is currently engaged in a contretemps with the WB suits over the box-office prospects of actress Moon Bloodgood's breasts (and the subsequent R rating that will surely follow, should they be revealed). If Warner Bros. ends up taking a bath on Watchmen (paying all that money to Fox certainly doesn't help), you can bet your shares of Skynet that they'll be more apt to force McG into turning in a PG-13–rated cut of Terminator to help balance out their books.

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