All the Pretty Girls Notice Rich Boy


As much as we, along with the rest of the known universe, flipped for “Throw Some D’s” back in 2007, we never thought that, two years later, we’d still be talking about Rich Boy &mdash despite his smash, the scrawny, drawled-out emcee seemed a little too personality deficient to really sustain a career. Slowly but steadily, however — first with the pretty great “D’s” follow up “Let's Get This Paper,” then with the even greater “Chevy a Monsta,” and now with the even more greater, “It’s Over” &mdash Rich Boy’s made his case for relevance. He still doesn’t seem like he’d make for very good dinner conversation (turn-ons: a variety of cars; turnoffs: haters) but his knack for picking incredible beats, and then not doing too much with them, has gone unbroken. This time it’s Drumma Boy — tossing spacey, skeletal snare rolls over cheesy guitar licks, a surprisingly potent combination &mdash who's helping Rich Boy sound better than he has any right to.