Andy Milonakis Back With the Twitter Jam of 2009


Andy Milonakis is an acquired taste (and not often acquired), but even the hormonally challenged comedian’s haters will have to agree: his “Let Me Twitter Dat” is the greatest (only?) anthem of the social-networking phenomenon. The two verses — the first a Twitter travelogue of a quest for eggs, the second basically a list of all the rappers Milonakis has met — are pretty great, but it’s the stupid-to-the-point-of-genius chorus that has us hooked: “When I’m sipping on punch at a brunch / ay let me twitter dat” just about made our day. Plus, as far as fake Southern-rap-indebted novelty songs go, it’s pretty on point. (Compare and contrast with “You’re a Jerk,” the real Southern-rap-indebted novelty song of the moment.) And if you think this is just a dig at Twitter's oversharers, think again — sample real-life Milonakis tweet: “@BusinessClass I had some Lamp Soup last night, it was illlllll.”