Adult Swim Cues Up an Auto-Tune Hunger Force


The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block has been on a real roll lately. From their savvy move to be the first American television network to air The Mighty Boosh (you dropped the ball there, BBC America) to the wildly off-kilter Delocated to the mind-blowingly awesome 90-minute-long G.I. Joe: Resolute micro-series that aired last weekend, this outfit has been firing on all cylinders of late. And even though we pretty much gave up on Aqua Teen Hunger Force after the movie severely disappointed us, we'll admit that their decision to make a live-action episode of the show is a stroke of genie-us. Especially considering they cast Vulture's favorite practitioner of Auto-Tune, T-Pain, as Frylock!

Exclusive: 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' live-action episode, starring T-Pain as the Fryman [EW]