SNL’s Casey Wilson Finally Gets Some Late-Night Airtime ... On Jimmy Fallon’s Show


Ever since Casey Wilson joined the cast of SNL as a featured player back in February 2008, we've been anxiously waiting for her breakout moment. Sure, we'll admit that her portrayal of Dusty Velvet, the paraplegic stripper, was a bold and original choice. However, not only has that character failed to get a repeat performance on the show, but she hasn't managed to get the same kind of face time on the show that newcomers Abby Elliott and Michaela Watkins have this year (let alone all-around superstar and SNL MVP Kristin Wiig). Which is why we were glad to see her show up in a weird bit on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, even if it wasn't exactly what most would deem laugh-out-loud funny. In it, Wilson portrayed a Southern woman who loves to bake pies but also lives in constant fear of the dreaded Pie Sniffer (played by her boyfriend and fellow UCB alum, Paul Rust). As one might expect from a bit with a pie-sniffing theme, the piece devolved fairly quickly into a series of "I'll sniff your pie"–type sex jokes, but hey, at least we finally got to see Casey Wilson showcase her talents.