Charles Isherwood: ‘Seriously Guys, I Used to Have Really Cool Taste in Music’


Lest anyone worry about the snob credentials of the Times' second-string theater snoot Charles Isherwood following his rave for Broadway's hair-metal musical Rock of Ages today, he would also really like you to know just how cool his taste in music used to be:

I was an adolescent pop snob in the ’80s, turning up my nose at the vulgarity of straight-up guitar-driven rock to seek out adventurers on the fringe, which is to say anything British involving big, bad hair of a different sort. But while waiting impatiently for MTV to vouchsafe a morsel of Siouxsie or the Smiths, I absorbed an awful lot of thrashy pop.

He also cops to enjoying Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive" ("a song I furtively loved even back in the day"), though, so we suppose we can give him a break.

Big-Hair Rockers Return in a New Arena: Broadway [NYT]
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