Depeche Mode Attracts Enormous Crowd at Free Show in L.A.


Depeche Mode, perhaps the most L.A. band of all time to not actually hail from Los Angeles, attracted 12,000 fans to an outdoor concert in Hollywood taped for last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Luckily, the enormous crowd was very well behaved, and there was no threat of a riot — in contrast to what happened when 15,000 fans turned out for an album signing in West Hollywood back in 1990. Nevertheless, the concert was not without incident, as former Nine Inch Nails bassist Danny Lohner was arrested for getting into some sort of street fight, which apparently is exactly the sort of thing that happens when Trent Reznor is not around to mediate disputes. If you're curious as to why so many Los Angelenos are eager to see Depeche Mode in 2009, you can see video of the band performing its new single "Wrong" at the show.

Depeche Mode Shut Down Hollywood Blvd for “Kimmel” [Rock & Roll Daily/Rolling Stone]