Please Tell Us Elizabeth Banks Didn’t Really Write This HuffPo Op-ed Piece


Have you ever met a celebrity and had all of your thoughts about them evaporate because you realized they don't come across in real life like they do in their acting pursuits? Well, we've never met Elizabeth Banks, but we'll confess to harboring a crush on her ever since we first saw her in Wet Hot American Summer. But after reading her passionate yet incredibly weird defense of 17 Again on the Huffington Post a few minutes ago, we're fairly certain we don't ever need to. For someone who comes across as such as witty and intelligent presence onscreen and in interviews, her prose leaves more than a little something to be desired. We're not sure if it was her comment that Zac Efron "looks great with his shirt off" or her outrage that Hunter Parrish didn't pop his top in the movie that threw us more, but either way, we haven't read anything quite this bizarre since Vulture hero Jeffrey Wells sent 3:10 to Yuma director James Mangold an e-mail begging him for nudie pics of Vinessa Shaw. At this point, our only salvation would be to learn that she had a ghost Twitterer write this piece for her.

17 Again, Taken Way Too Seriously [HuffPo]