Feist Makes the Most Pretentious Music Video Ever


This (non-embeddable) video for “The Water” is so long — fifteen minutes, 29 seconds — that we’ve started writing about it even before it’s done, and we know exactly what we think: It is the most pretentious music video in history. It was directed by Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew and features the acting talent of David Fox and freaky eyes of Cillian Murphy; the song itself, a completely forgettable ballad (the video just ended and we can’t even hum it), doesn’t start until near the end, after father and son have monotonously dragged a mummy across a frozen lake, into their house, and unwrapped it, revealing Feist. SPOILER ALERT! She’s the dead mom, brought temporarily back to life at the age she must’ve been when she perished, presumably bored to death by her mute, depressed husband and son.

New Feist Video (Feat. Cillian Murphy) - "The Water" [Stereogum]