Filmmakers Fabrizio Galvagno and Julia Haslett Check in With the East Village’s Pizza Czar


We're big fans of Una Pizza Napoletana in the East Village and its irascible, tattoo-covered owner Anthony Mangieri. (The no-nonsense, authentic pizza joint made it to the top of our Cheap Eats list a few years ago.) So, needless to say, we got a little excited when we stumbled upon this intriguing documentary short about Mangieri and his philosophy of pie, that presents him — accurately, we might add — as a kind of hardcore pizza monk. True to the attitude of the place, Fabrizio Galvagno and Julia Haslett's Pure & Simple is itself a bare-bones work: We watch Mangieri over the course of a day at his shop, as he describes how he came to be such a purist about authentic Neapolitan pizza. The result is simple, but also kind of hypnotic. Not to mention mouth watering. If you like this, we also recommend another short by Haslett, Hurt & Save, which is available online via our friends at IndiePix.