Guillermo Del Toro Trashes Twilight, Teases His New Vampire Trilogy


We have been dying to hear more about Guillermo Del Toro’s trilogy of vampire novels, co-written with Chuck Hogan. The Strain: Book One of The Strain Trilogy is due out June 2, but we hadn't heard anything about it other than a publisher's blurb saying that Manhattan was ground zero for the vampire outbreak. So our blood curdled in delight when we came across this brand-spanking-new video interview with Del Toro posted on Youtube by William Morrow. Del Toro slams Twilight's undead heartthrob: "None of this romantic, languid young men sucking the necks of beautiful people." He reassures his hardcore horror fans that he will not be churning out more of the same. "I tried also to make the vampires as menacing and as real and as absolutely disgusting and as alien as possible," he promises."I tried to make them into a plague of creatures where you did not recognize their humanity — but our own inhumanity in them." We cannot wait.