The Hurt Locker Gets an Explosive New Trailer


As we mentioned when the first bootleg trailer for The Hurt Locker began circulating back in early January, we've been looking forward to the release of this film ever since it began generating serious buzz at the Venice Film Festival last fall (where it won the Grand Prize). Since then, the film picked up a boatload of nominations at this year's Independent Spirit Awards (including acting nods for Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie), despite the fact that it has yet to be commercially released in the United States. This acclaim has led Summit Entertainment to schedule this for limited release in NYC and L.A. on June 26, before going wide in July, right in the thick of tent-pole season. From everything we've heard, it promises to be one of summer's most suspenseful films; our own Will Leitch recently described it as such on his Tumblr: "When we talk about Iraq War movies, this’ll be the one we talk about." Consider us sold.

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