College Humor Imagines What Life Would Be Like ‘In an Apatow World’


Early raves for Funny People notwithstanding, most people would concur that the characters who populate Judd Apatow's universe live in an alternate reality to our own. It's a place where a stoner schlub like Seth Rogen can score a certified babe like Katherine Heigl and a socially challenged virgin like Steve Carell encounters very few obstacles before walking off into the sunset with the luminous Catherine Keener. While this is hardly a novel observation, the kids over at College Humor just upped the ante by taking this oft-leveled critique and turning it into a video called "In an Apatow World." The witty little ditty is sung by Streeter Seidell and Sarah Schneider, two of the stars of MTV's The College Humor Show; it won us over with the line, "You're not out of my league; stoner is the new stud / Because losers become winners in this world of Judd."

In an Apatow World [So This Is Happening]