Victory: Inglourious Basterds Will Be Ready for Cannes, Says Tarantino


AND THEY SAID IT COULD NOT BE DONE. Inglourious Basterds — the film Quentin Tarantino's been promising since Pulp Fiction, the screenplay for which was only completed and shopped to studios last July — will be ready in time for next month's Cannes Film Festival, exactly as Tarantino swore it would last May. The Brad Pitt–starring, Nazi-scalping WWII epic has been invited to play in competition, and Tarantino has accepted, says Variety. But their story comes via an "insider" and has not yet been confirmed by the Weinstein Company, Universal, or Cannes, presumably because the companies are all too dumbfounded to speak. Those who read our script review last summer will know that the final draft was written in such a hurry that Tarantino forgot to use spell check (even on the title page). We certainly hope he's being more careful in the editing suite!

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