Jimmy Fallon on His Successful Talk Show, Less Successful Saved by the Bell Reunion


So far, we've been excited to see Late Night With Jimmy Fallon succeed in ways Fallon's original detractors didn't imagine possible. And so is he! "I'm settling into the time slot pretty good now, I feel good about it," he told us at a Topshop dinner last night. "Ratings are good, so there's no pressure from the network ... I think hopefully in like three months we'll see where we are, have a spin on it." Even so, everything hasn't been going perfectly: "There have been so many [screw-ups] I could make a whole show about it."

What's an example? Sadly, his noble efforts to reunite the original cast of Saved by the Bell on the show have only been met with a 14 percent success rate: "Right now all we’ve got is Mr. Belding. But, uh, we think we have a good lead on Mario Lopez. I think he’s answering back." Though we'd imagine he should be able to get Dustin Diamond too, other stars are proving more difficult. Who does Fallon think will be the hardest? "Probably Mark-Paul Gosselaar or Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Or Lark Voorhies. I haven't heard from her in a while, so who knows," he lamented.

Still, despite his long workdays, the beer pong makes it all worth it: "The hour I'm out there is the most fun thing in the world; the hours before that, it's a little bit of work," he said. "It goes by so fast and by the time it's over ... I watch it on Sunday and go, 'I can't believe I played beer pong with Serena Williams!'"