Kanye West Isn’t a Gay Fish in Real Life, But He Plays One on TV


While we just learned that Saddam Hussein definitely took in a few screenings of South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, there's still no word over at Kanye West's blog as to whether or not Mr. West saw last night's South Park episode that portrayed him as a gay fish. Yes, that's right, a gay fish. In the episode, Cartman and Jimmy come up with one of the funniest jokes of all time, a joke that convinces Kanye West to realize and subsequently admit that he is, in fact, a gay fish at heart. He does so by jumping off a pier and singing a song that sounds strikingly like "Heartless" off the 808s & Heartbreak LP, Auto-Tune and all. We'll be up-front with you and admit that we didn't see the entire episode, which makes us just as confused as you about the specifics of the plotline. However, we're not sure this clip that shows Kanye frenching an Atlantic Goliath grouper requires too much context to enjoy. So, um, enjoy!

Looking for more context? Here's an extended clip:

Fishsticks [South Park Studios]