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Matisyahu and Dizzee Rascal Walk Into a Discotheque…

Whose video would you rather watch: the Crystal Method’s featuring Matisyahu, or Dizzee Rascal’s featuring Armand Van Helden? (You are not allowed to say “neither.” Stop it … stop saying that.) Maybe it’s because we’re not British, Hasidic, blunted, or rolling, but for us, this defines “brainteaser.” However, listening to these marginal rappers collaborating with these marginal dance groups — on “Drown in the Now” and “Bonkers,” respectively — we’ve found our head moving in a slow, rhythmic back-and-forth motion. And upon reflection, we’ve decided that “Drown in the Now” is the sweeter song, but “Bonkers” has the cooler video. Break our tie, won’t you?