New Star Trek Is Great, Say People Who Would’ve Been Just As Happy Watching Wrath of Khan


J.J. Abrams's rebooted Star Trek had a secret-surprise premiere in Austin, Texas, last night and, according to those who saw it, it's great! So who saw it? Hilariously, all those in attendance thought they were there for a free screening of a recently unearthed print of 1982's Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan (paired with ten minutes of footage from the new movie). But after five minutes of Khan, the film "broke," and Leonard Nimoy himself came out to ask the crowd if they'd rather watch all of the new Trek. As you might imagine, nearly all buzz is positive, though one shortchanged viewer had this to say: "Anyone who says it's better than Wrath of Khan is talking out of their hyperbolic ass though."

So, with just a few minor reservations, a theater full of people who'd have been just as excited to see a 27-year-old movie they probably already own on DVD can recommend the new Star Trek, which they saw for free. Temper all excitement accordingly!

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