Papa John’s Promises Wolverine Will Be ‘Loaded With Cheese’


Mere days after Pizza Hut offered to give a free, medium one-topping pizza to anyone named John Connor as a means of promoting Terminator Salvation, Papa John's and Fox have teamed up on what will certainly go down in history as one of the most unintentionally hilarious promotional campaigns ever executed. When the marketing executives on both sides of the fence arrived at the decision to name the pizza chain's special Wolverine pie the "XL X-Treme Cheese Pizza," it confirmed some of our greatest fears about the upcoming prequel. Of course, it doesn't help matters much that the marketing copy promises that the pizza (and by extension, the film) will be "loaded with a full pound of cheese." Then again, maybe we're not giving these decisionmakers enough credit for loading their marketing message with near-genius levels of subtext. After all, it can't just be coincidence that Hugh Jackman's penchant for going topless is matched by this pie's complete lack of toppings, can it?

XL X-Treme Cheese Pizza [Papa John's]