Zac Efron Plans to Use His Unparalleled Dreaminess to Appeal to a New Demographic: Dads


"I really want dads to enjoy this movie. That's what I'm going for." —Zac Efron on his plans to win over the entire world [Age]

"At one point my fiancé was like, ‘You feel distant.’ And I said, ‘I am! I can’t even talk to you!’ I was there at the Oscars thinking, What if I never left the Gap?” —Amy Adams spent the Oscars reminiscing about selling denim [W via Fox]

"I can't be that grown-up Shirley Temple girl wearing the stupid strawberry in her hair all the time ... because I'd kill myself or someone else would for me." —Katy Perry on the necessity of reinvention [MTV]

"Why don't you call up Chris and try to make it happen? Show me the Catwoman!" —Emily Blunt wants Christopher Nolan to hear her cry [Newsweek]

"I was more of a smoking weed behind the 7-Eleven guy. So yeah, didn’t go to the mall much." —Seth Rogen on not being a mall rat [Fox]

"I had a slight aversion to the sound of the German language. I needed to look at that, and by looking at it, even for a little, it started to dissolve." —Viggo Mortensen on confronting his imperfect politics for Good [Age]