Dolly Parton Hoping for Goatlike Death

Photo: Getty Images

"I want to be like one of those little fainting goats that get scared and then just fall over." —Dolly Parton knows how she wants to go [Spinner]

"I live an incredibly low-key life. I think people would like to think I'm a hell of a lot naughtier than I am actually. I am actually quite a boring guy. I spent the last week and a half playing bloody golf. Me, Jonathan Rhys Meyers! If anyone saw me in those stupid golf clothes on the golf course, there would have been a different story written." —Jonathan Rhys Meyers on being a bore [Contact Music]

“My 12-year-old girl had one of her friends go up to her with some magazine and go ‘Ugghhh. Your Dad’s on this list. It’s so weird.’ I pretty much feel the same.” —Clive Owen on not being so super-cool to the 12-and-under set [Celebitchy]

"She knows every stripper and drag queen in Seattle, the poor thing. When I was learning how to dance myself, I was making my daughter write down the choreography, and I’d be like, 'Should I bump here or grind here? Which way are my tassels twirling?' I’m sure she’ll have a healthy psychiatrist’s bill when she grows up." —Deirdre Timmons, director of burlesque documentary Wink and a Smile, on her 12-year-old daughter [Halogen Life]

"I'd go for LeBron James. He just lights me up." —Justin Timberlake has a man crush [ESPN via Rolling Stone]

"I wouldn't mind coming back but not as a badger. I myself would come back as me, I had a great time." —Michael Caine thinks he has had a better life than a badger [Guardian UK]