Mickey Rourke Ram Jams Some Cops in ‘Shuttin’ Detroit Down’ Music Video


The burgeoning genre of Bailout Rock received a shot in its young arm this week thanks to country-music star John Rich. Not only did his acoustic performance of "Shuttin' Detroit Down" at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night earn raves (industry analyst Bob Lefsetz described it as such: "This is what America wants. Naked, raw emotion delineating the common truth"), but his highly anticipated video for the song dropped this week, too. As we informed you last week, the video stars noted Toby Keith antagonizer Kris Kristofferson as a laid-off auto worker and Mickey Rourke as his sympathetic co-worker. At one point, Kristofferson and Rourke encounter some policemen overseeing the foreclosure of Kristofferson's house, which gives Rourke the chance to show off some moves he didn't get to demonstrate at WrestleMania this weekend. Consider the economy saved!