Some Incredibly Rich Rock Stars Are Slightly Less Rich Now


According to the Sunday Times of London's annual list of the wealthiest people in Britain, rock-and-roll icons Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, and Elton John have lost significant chunks of their vast personal fortunes as a result of the global economic crisis. Though all three are still fabulously wealthy, they have each have lost several million pounds (we're talking monetary units here, not weight loss) in the past year, with John's income dropping due to the end of his Las Vegas concert series and his major charitable donations, and Jagger's fortune dropping 16 percent, to a mere £190 million. Granted, most everyone's net worth has fallen since the economy started tanking, so this trend is not limited to flamboyant classic rockers. It has even hit your humble Vulture writers — our own pitifully small 401k has dropped 30 percent since last year, meaning that we're down to $7 where we once had $10! We have to dip into savings just to get lunch at Chipotle, so we can't say we're really feeling a lot of sympathy for some of the richest dudes in rock history right now.

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