Take Heart, Billy Bob Thornton: Tom Petty’s Acting Is Worse Than Your Singing


By now you've surely heard about the events of yesterday — beloved musician-actor Billy Bob Thornton was interviewed on a Canadian radio show about the latest release from his popular skiffle combo the Boxmasters, and he might've given a few erratic answers and offhandedly compared his own musical career to that of Tom Petty's a dozen or so times. Happens to everybody. But now, bloggers on the Internet are laughing about the incident, as if to imply that Petty's seminal, double-platinum 1979 record Damn the Torpedoes is somehow superior to the Boxmasters' recent self-titled LP, which, according to one of the more positive reviews it's received on Amazon.com, is a "very nice album." But take heart, Billy Bob: You have an Academy Award, and Tom Petty's only real screen credit of note was in Kevin Costner's The Postman, and a few of his scenes are nearly as embarrassing as your hilarious outburst yesterday.

Also, here's that radio interview: