The Streets Tweets New Tracks


This week, in between carrying on conversations about the future of music distribution and the particularities of his shopping habits, Mike Skinner tweeted links to three new tracks. "Trust Me" is our favorite — it hints at the massive intro of his classic album A Grand Don't Come for Free before quickly settling into a summery, De La Soul–indebted groove. The first song, "I Love My Phone," is pretty good, too, although third track "David Hassles" isn't quite up to snuff (to his credit, he did predict it'd be "rubbish"). It doesn't really matter, though, because these tossed-off freebies presumably won't show up on his next album, Computer and Blues. And if you're still disappointed, wait a few days — Skinner's promised three more songs next week. This is practically enough to make us forget his last album.