Katherine Heigl Shoots for Rom-Com Dominance in The Ugly Truth


Tagline: "The truth isn't pretty."

Translation: Neither is Katherine Heigl's soul, but somehow, this film still looks mildly appealing.

The Verdict: Sony demonstrated that it has high hopes for this romantic comedy starring Grey's Anatomy brain-tumor victim Katherine Heigl and the oft-shirtless Gerard Butler when they moved it from its original April 3 release date to July 24, right in the thick of summer-movie season. Although we have a fairly strong — okay, really strong — aversion to Katherine Heigl as a person, even we can't deny that she's a charismatic presence onscreen who's willing to go that extra mile to get a laugh (witness the screencap). And despite the fact that the premise of the film seems to be lifted straight from the Rom-Com 101 playbook, there seem to be some palpable sparks of chemistry between Heigl and Butler. We can't believe we're typing this, but we think there might be some potential in this one.

Second Full Trailer for Butler and Heigl's The Ugly Truth [First Showing]