Tracy Morgan’s Real-life Outburst Inspires Another Tracy Jordan Plotline in 30 Rock


There are myriad reasons why 30 Rock is one of our all-time favorite sitcoms, but one of the things that has always set this program above the rest is its willingness to go meta. There have been too many instances to count over the show's three-season run where Tina Fey has inserted real-life elements into the show, which range from casting famed New York City institution Radioman as "Les Moonvest" to creating a subplot that resulted in Tracy Jordan wearing an ankle bracelet (just as Tracy Morgan was doing in real life at the time). To that end, TV Squad is reporting that the show's April 23 episode will incorporate one of the more legendary Tracy Morgan outbursts into its story line. Viral-video connoisseurs will no doubt recall Morgan's infamous 2007 appearance on Chicago's WGN morning show, an interview that began with him shirtless and culminated with him lying on top of the anchors' desk imitating a pregnant woman. Now, if only Tina Fey can figure out a way to also work in the infamous "I'm just doing karate and trying to get females pregnant" line he fed to Letterman after the WGA strike ...

EARLIER: Emma Rosenblum's profiled Tracy Jordan—er, Morgan in our October 23, 2008 issue of New York.

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