Victory: Flaming Lips Triumph Over Oklahoma Republicans


Following an extended, hilarious controversy, Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry is expected to sign an executive order tomorrow naming the Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize??" the state's official rock song. The order will overturn an earlier decision to reject the track by the Oklahoma House of Representatives, whose Republican members took issue with the T-shirt that Lips bassist Michael Ivins wore (it featured a Communism-y hammer and sickle) on a visit to the state capitol in March. Front man Wayne Coyne blames the whole flap on a cabal of "small-minded religious wackos" and says "I think we'll print up a couple of thousand of these [sickle and hammer] T-shirts and everybody who comes to [tomorrow's ceremony] will be wearing one ... We'll see if we can get the governor to wear one too." If you still feel like being outraged this morning, though, you'd probably like to know that New York State doesn't even have an official rock song, much less one about our inevitable mortality.

Flaming Lips Song Gets Oklahoma Honor Despite Controversy [Billboard]