What’s So Racy About the Brüno Red-Band Trailer?


Perhaps one of our more eagle-eyed readers will be able to figure out what we cannot: Exactly what part of this just-released trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen's Brüno — which ostensibly requires you to be 18 to view it — necessitates a red band? A guy says "shit," and there's a part with dildos being used for martial-arts purposes, but aren't these clips generally supposed to be way racier? This seems to be mostly slapstick. And for the most button-pushing comedy of 2009, a movie that purportedly features tons of gay sex, including a scene in which a baby is somehow involved, shouldn't there have been a lot more R-rated footage that could've been included here? This isn't even as objectionable as the trailer for I Love You, Man! We'd certainly hate to think the marketers behind a film about making homophobes uncomfortable were worried about making homophobes uncomfortable.