Andy Milonakis As Zombie Dance-Hall Singer: Too Far?


Andy Milonakis has made a sometimes brilliant minor career of rapping like a white, hormonally deficient doofus (which he is), but the video for “Zumbie,” his collaboration with Major Lazer (a dance-hall project from producers Diplo and Switch), marks the first time he’s made us a little uncomfortable: Laying on the patois, and Auto-Tuned to high heaven, he makes a monster mash of dance-hall singer and zombie, and you can’t help but wonder if the pairing is utterly random, or a bit of entitled snark aimed at Jamaican music. Maybe it’s just that the make-up evokes, well, minstrelsy. But knowing Milonakis, the idea probably is utterly random. And while the beat’s certainly no joke, if you watch or just listen to this, you’re almost definitely going to crack up.